7 Important Things to Remember For Flyer Printing

Flyers are a quick and easy way to get your brand out there and rope in more customers, if done correctly. We've already told you about how important flyers are in your business, so if you’ve made up your mind to start printing flyers of your own, there’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind. An effective flyer is the right blend of design, content, incentives and a few other factors, so if you want to truly boost your sales with flyers, here's what you need to remember:

Make It Funky, But Don't Overdo It: Pretty much the cardinal rule of any marketing material. You need to make sure that the flyer is attractive, but not gaudy or garish. A lot can be achieved with simple colors and minimal design, so even if you do catch anyone's attention, there's no point if it's not sustained.

Taglines Are Key: Since the whole idea of flyers is to say a lot in very little time, placing a tagline or headline summarizing your products or services is a must. Think of something that connects with your audience and is in tune with what you're offering, so that they know exactly what the flyer is for.

Know What Your Focus Is: As a business owner, you're either providing a service, solving a problem or making life easier. Make sure you articulate this very idea in your flyer. For example, if you're a restaurant in a college town, advertise affordable homely meals. That way, you're directly targeting a large demographic and solving their problem.

There Are Two Sides: Most flyers are printed only on one side, but we recommend using both for maximum impact. You could have the main message on the front side, and use the other to provide directions to your store, answer frequently asked questions, offer tips, or even talk about additional services.

Incentivize: So you've gotten someone to read your flyer, what now? They're not going to retain that information unless there's something really special about it, and the best way to do that is offer an incentive. Throw in a couple of discount codes, combo offers and exclusive value adds for those who either bring in the flyer or use a special code. If you really are offering something better than your competitors, offers like these can tip the scales in your favor.

Target Specific Demographics: This might seem counterproductive, but research has shown that there's higher returns from targeted advertising to a small audience rather than generic advertising to a broad audience. There's no point printing thousands of flyers advertising a daycare service in households without children, is there?

Quality Speaks Volumes: Despite the fact that it's just a flyer, people will be quick to judge you if the print and paper quality is shoddy, regardless of how high quality your services or products really are. It's widely known that proper advertising can skew favor even towards sub-par products and services, so along with great solutions, you have to ensure that your advertising is top notch too.

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