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Business card

Business Cards - An Advanced Technique to Create a Unique Identity


Commonly called 'four over four', this is a technique in which 4 colors are applied to both the front and back of the printed material. The four colors here are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, referring to the colors in the CMYK color mode. Collectively, they form the gamut of colors used in full color printing. In simple terms, the four constituent colors of the CMYK color mode are applied to both sides of the paper.


'Four over zero' follows the same principle of 'four over four', but instead of applying the 4 basic constituent colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) of the CMYK color mode on both sides of the printed material, they are applied to only the front side, while the back remains blank. Since there’s no ink on the back side of the printed material, it is termed 'zero'.

GPA Ultra Digital

Ultra Digital by GPA is a specially designed range of high quality papers for the HP Indigo digital press, combining optimal ink transfer characteristics, fantastic image resolution and reliable print consistency like none other.

100#, 130# Gloss/Matte Cover

By far this is our most popular coated stock. Excellent for posters, this stock has the great look and feel of coated stocks, with excellent reproduction quality.

It’s also exceptionally environmentally friendly, created with 50% recycled content, while making no compromise on print quality. ASK GPA.

Cougar Opaque Super Smooth

The visually stunning yet extremely economical Cougar super smooth paper is perfect for vibrant color reproduction and consistent print performance across the best digital presses in the world. Every stroke of your imagination comes alive in the high quality Cougar Opaque Super Smooth, known for its exceptional ink retention and durability.

100#, 130# Uncoated Cover

This is an extremely popular and versatile uncoated stock, used commonly when color reproduction is paramount. The great look and feel is accompanied by exceptional longevity and it is made up of eco-friendly materials, consisting of 10% post-consumer recycled content and certified fiber. Cougar paper is FSC, SFI Sourcing and Rainforest Alliance certified. Finch Fine iD.

Carolina Coated Digital

Considered the most sought after coated cover in the printing industry today, the Carolina Coated paper gets this distinction from its unparalleled versatility and reliability. Perfect for use in everything from greeting cards, business cards, book covers, report covers and brochures, it is available in a wide range of sizes. The glossy finish not only lends an elegant look to it, but also increases longevity and strength along with outstanding print quality.

C1S & C2S Digital Cover

Available in two types, the Carolina Coated Digital cover is double coated, extremely uniform and certified for the HP Indigo Digital Press range. The highly glossy and clean surface has excellent ink retention capabilities, truly making any printed material pop. You can’t go wrong with any image and color reproduction, plus it’s extremely durable, even with any kind of finishing cuts or folds.

GPA Ultra Digital

The revolutionary new enhanced digital films by GPA are specially designed for HP Indigo digital presses. The multi-layer film offers unparalleled print performance and consistency no matter the application. With an unprinted shelf life of 2 years and an unlimited printed shelf life, it can’t get any better!

10pt & 14pt Synthetic Film Substrates

GPA’s high quality synthetic film substrates are a great choice for external covers because of its combination of exceptional ink transfer characteristics and durability.

Magnum Magnetics

A revolutionary magnetic material that features a strong magnetic pull without compromising on any desirable print characteristics. Exceptional ink retention capabilities, a smooth surface and compatibility with the world’s most popular digital presses means that you can order a magnetic business card to set yourself apart and still have the freedom to print anything you can on regular materials.


This versatile material can be used in business cards, photographs, puzzles, art reprints, notepads, calendar, rulers and much more.

3.5"W x 2"H - 4 Square Corners
TThe standard 3.5" x 2" rectangular business card with all four square corners, both sides of the business card can be printed on. SLIM
Different Coating Options
Gloss UV Coating: High quality gloss UV coating is applied on the paper and cured instantly using UV light to lend it abrasion, chemical and moisture resistant properties, providing additional durability to the printed material. While it prevents writing on with pens or markers, you are ensured higher longevity.
Matte UV Coating: Similar to gloss UV coating, matte UV coating also provides the same durability properties to the printed material, but differs in the finish. It is flat and smoothly textured, without the shine associated with a glossy finish. It also cannot be written on by pens or markers.
Gloss Aqueous: A clear, protective and glossy coating which improves durability of printed material along with being fingerprint and scruff resistant. Unlike UV coating, it can be written on by some pens or markers.
Matte Aqueous: Similar to gloss aqueous, matte aqueous also improves durability and prevents fingerprints and scruffs, but is flat and smoothly textured and not glossy. Also can be written on by some pens or markers.
Follow these simple guidelines while designing your files for upload.

Choose a size from our Template Library; or if you'd like a size that is not in our Template Library, contact us for further instructions. We will provide you with a template of any size you'd like and without any cost to you. (Some restrictions and limitations apply.)

  1. Pick out a standard size from our Template Library, or if you can’t find one that’s appropriate, contact us for a free custom template (Conditions apply).
  2. Include a Bleed of at least 1/16” if your design includes a background patter or color, feel free to refer to the KliqPrint Template for Bleed specifications.
  3. Ensure that the 1/16" limit of the Safe Line is observed. Refer to the KliqPrint Template for Safe Line specifications.
If you are uploading a PDF, please use the instructions for preparing a PDF found in the FILE-HELP section.
Click Here to download the KliqPrint PDF Preset joboption file.
Click Here for help loading the PDF settings file.
Click Here for help exporting your files to PDF.
If native files are submitted, include all linked graphics and any fonts being used. Please visit the FILE-HELP section for additional information.

In today’s rapidly moving world of computers and the internet, business cards still remain one of the best ways to express your identity in a physical form, and can make or break your image in a crowd. In a single glance, a well-designed business card can tell a person about the card giver’s image, ethics, working style and much more, so it’s very important that a business card should not only be designed with utmost care, but made from high quality materials. There’s nothing worse than coming across a cheaply made business card. No matter how great your products or services are, a large number of people make their decision just after seeing your business card.

Apart from the fact that business cards can be a representation of you as a person, they can also be considered direct marketing tools. Think of it this way, you never know when you can meet a potential client, customer or lead, and your business card is the key to establishing communication, which could turn out to be the turning point of your career. No matter what way you see it, swapping business cards is still the most practical way to share contact details, despite the digital age we live in.

KliqPrint Business Card Printing Services

Now that you know how important business cards can be for anyone and everyone, check out KliqPrint’s state of the art business card printing services. We offer custom shapes and designs, a wide range of papers and inks and can create business cards from scratch that can well and truly set you apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking for leaf style cards or magnetic business cards, we have it all, and more! Or browse through our range of expertly designed FREE business card templates to get your very own business card in a matter of minutes. Get in touch with KliqPrint today to print the business card you truly deserve.

Depending on the quantity ordered we want you to know that your order will be produced on one of the following:
28” x 40” Komori UV Press 8-color plus coating
28” x 40” Komori UV Press 8-color plus coating
28” x 40” Komori UV Press 6-color plus coating
28” x 40” Komori Press 6-color plus coating
20” x 28” Komori Press 6-color plus coating
14” x 20” Ryobi 5-color plus coating
12” x 18” Heidelberg GTO 5-color
HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press 6-color
HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press 5-color
118” Agfa Titan HS UV Flatbed Press
60" HP Latex Roll Printerspan

Also please refer to our full equipment list for finishing your order.

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You can always submit Custom Order, especially for very large quantities — we may have a more efficient way to produce your project and save you some money.

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Please choose from this standard list of common sizes for your product. If you’d like something else or to hear more options please submit a Custom Order Request.

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KliqPrint offers round cornering of some of our products. Round cornering will usually consist of a standard 1/4” radius round corner unless otherwise noted.

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Please indicate the number of colors your project requires, and see the “Color” tab to the left for more info on what this all means.

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Please choose from this standard list of paper options for your product. If you’d like something else or to hear more options please submit a Custom Order Request.

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Different Coating Options

Gloss U.V. Coating: High gloss UV coating is applied to the printed paper surface and cured instantaneously using ultraviolet light. U.V. coated prints are abrasion, chemical, and moisture resistant, providing a protective barrier against wear and tear. Ideal for outdoor use providing extra protection from water and sunlight.
Not compatible with pens or markers for writing.

Gloss Aqueous: Gloss Aqueous is a clear, protective, high-gloss coating that is used to protect your printed pieces. Aqueous coating improves the durability of printed products. It is resistant to fingerprints and scuffs. Matte U.V. Coating: Matte UV coating  is less shiny than gloss but still provides protection against scratches and scuffs. Not compatible with pens or markers for writing.

Matte U.V. Coating: Matte UV coating  is less shiny than gloss but still provides protection against scratches and scuffs. Not compatible with pens or markers for writing.

Matte Aqueous: Matte Aqueous is not as shiny as gloss but still provides protection against scratches and scuffs. Matte Aqueous coating improves the durability of printed products. It is resistant to fingerprints and scuffs. Compatible with some pens or markers for writing. 

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Electronic Proof: An electronic PDF proof is included in all of our pricing and will be emailed to you for approval before your pieces are produced. It is your responsibility to approve the proof or make changes to keep your project on schedule.

Hardcopy Proof: If you’d prefer that we send you a paper proof we can do that too but it will add some additional cost and time to your order. Proof type will depend on the specifics of your project but in most cases will be a full color Epson for color and content.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Turnaround Times for additional information regarding Proofs.

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Turnaround Time
Turnaround Time 

The estimated turnaround time is based on the standard number of hours or days it takes to complete the same type of print job under normal circumstances, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Production starts when all of the following are met: (1) All print-ready artwork is uploaded. (2) Full payment is received. (3) Proof is approved – if requested by the customer or required by KliqPrint and the proof is approved online through customer’s account or by email.

Production turnaround for orders and/or proofs that are approved after 03:00 pm (Central) is counted starting the next business day.

Note that transit time for shipping is always additional to production turnaround and it is therefore advised that this be taken into consideration upon placing the order.

While we exercise due diligence to meet your target finished date, unforeseen delays in delivery services, breakdown of equipment, illness, inclement weather and other occurrences may impact our ability to meet the deadline.

Turnaround time begins once your online PDF proof or hard-copy proof has been signed off and sent back to KliqPrint. The customer is responsible for checking their email for proof-ready notification. Customers also need to make sure they are following up on their order by logging into their account and checking their project status and/or checking their email.

Please inform us as soon as possible if there is a delay in the proofs. We generally email proofs within 24 hours after artwork submission.

KliqPrint reflects Shapco's goal of finding the best way for you to get your message to your audience using your own computer desktop and your own internet connection. You can do it by managing your account online and cutting your costs to a minimum, but retaining the internal quality control processes and expert staff at Shapco!

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Item Name:

Please specify a reference name or number for this order, especially if placing multiple orders.

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Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart
Joined OnJan 01 2016
Tukwila, Washington, US
- 3 years ago
My new business cards made a great first impression
One of my clients actually asked where I got my business cards from, she loved the finishing and paper quality and almost didn’t believe I got it from an online printing service, that too at that price. Very highly recommended, the ink almost pops from the card.
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore
Joined OnJan 05 2016
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US
- 3 years ago
Finally got the custom cards I’ve been looking for!
I’ve always wanted a custom shaped business card and never thought I’d be able to get one printed online, but KliqPrint made the process so easy! I actually thought designing and getting an oddly shaped card would be difficult, but it was no worse than a regular card.
Vernon Adams
Vernon Adams
Vernon Adams
Vernon Adams
Joined OnDec 15 2015
Continental, Ohio, US
- 3 years ago
I just got the funkiest shaped cards made from KliqPrint!
Even though it’s not mentioned in the designs, I was able to get a custom shaped card printed with some help from KliqPrint’s designers, now I have the most unique looking card among all my friends!
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