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The professional way to send your files and folders to us.

Large file sharing with Hightail gives you speed and reliability without compromising on security. Files are securely encrypted in transit and storage, while security options like password protection, file tracking and expiration dates let you control who views your work.

Let Us Check Your Files For You

Please use the form to the left to send your files to us so we can confirm for you that they will work BEFORE you place your order.

You can upload up to five (5) individual files. If you have more than five files you can ZIP them up into one compressed file for us and the ZIP file will only count as one file for uploading.

If you are uploading a replacement or an additional file for a current project that we already have in process, please make sure to include the project’s order number in the subject line of the form to the left so we can get this file married up with the rest of your project for you as quickly as possible. Adding your name and contact info in the message would also be very helpful in case we have any questions about your file(s).

Please wait for “Upload completed” message to be displayed before clicking on CONTINUE.


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